[Free download] The Allegory of Cave PDF by Plato

The Allegory of Plato’s Cave PDF

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The Allegory of Plato’s Cave PDF speaks to human problems when they receive and process information through the senses, when people only know things, how they happen without understanding the existential nature of things. things, things. True knowledge is perceived only through Philosophy, while other things perceived by the senses are simply personal opinions, not upgraded to knowledge.

This parable was the inspiration for the 1999 movie The Matrix, so if someone has seen it, it may recognize similarities.

The story asks readers to imagine a world, where the illusion is perceived as reality. There is a cave, in which a group of prisoners tightly chained from birth, cannot move at all. Prisoners’ necks and legs were locked, they could not turn around to see things, they could only look in one direction, a wall in front of them. Behind and on top of the prisoners are bright flames. Between the fires and the prisoners, there were small corridors, allowing outsiders to move freely, some carrying their belongings as well. Light from the flame reflected the shadow of the moving object back and forth onto the large wall in front of the prisoners. Shadows are all the prisoners can see. The sounds the prisoners heard were only echoes coming from the cave.

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