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The Alchemist PDF by Paulo Coelho

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The Alchemist is one of the best works of the writer Paulo Coelho, dubbed the bestselling book after the bible. However, for fastidious book enthusiasts, this book no matter how outstanding can not avoid much criticism. Easier to understand, 9 out of 10 readers praised or amenable to 9 people.

The fact that publication as much as bible books is most likely just a trick of the marketers. However, it is undeniable that Alchemist (English is The Alchemist) is a book that has surpassed its age and has a very unique charm that rare contemporary works can match. Therefore, it is not surprising that this work has become one of the best-seller books continuously for many years at online bookstores.

A simple story about a shepherd boy who dreams of fateful adventures meets a fortune-telling fortuneteller and follows his dream-to-life journey. The guy on a trip to find the legendary treasure.

Stimulate readers by engaging narrative, similes in daily life and classic lines. The alchemist is a legendary figure who appears as a god, leading the young sheep boy boldly to give up the peaceful and realistic life to fight for an unpredictable future of adventure.

The shepherd’s journey to finding treasure, similar to young people in Vietnam or calling themselves “start-ups” or starting a business, is also fierce & funny stories.

At first, he was deceived and lost all his fortune, the sheep now had no one, he was drifted to a distant country, worked for a small shop for a year and struggled to survive… Listen somewhere we think of familiar office life. Leaving school, going to work, being experienced, skipping jobs & continuing to dream of a financial freedom dream.

Next is the meeting with the alchemist, who played the role of an investor in the startup sheep boy, with the common goal of helping him find the treasure. Even the god foresaw when he would fail bitterly. And it is true that what happened then coincidentally coincided. How pathetic the shepherd boy of today is. The rugged wind made him almost killed & thought of a moment of giving up at the weakest time.

Then, destiny adventure also has the time of picking sweet berries. Accidentally the bandit revealed to him “where is the treasure”. The last secret that caused the sweet fruit to drop at the most hopeless moment, happy after all, had to smile at an innocent boy of the day.

A poetic story that ended so unexpectedly, should have warmed the readers’ heart but the writer who created this “biblical” did not expect that one day he would be the center of a painting. No argument over.

He praises well for profound human life philosophies, inspirational and inspiring metaphorical lessons.

The pessimist sees it as a cheap fairy tale, a legend with excessive PR, and does not bring as much practical, many lessons as one would expect.

The alchemist is not a book of sermons

If you think the book is a start-up lecture, you might have expected it too much. A “best-seller” book doesn’t actually mean that much.

Gently enjoy it as an innocent child, as a book to entertain after hours of hard work. Do not give it a big tag of “self-help”. Because after all, the Alchemist is still a legend.

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