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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr. Stephen R. Covey is a self-improvement book. The book is based on Covey’s belief that the way we see the world is based on our own perceptions. Therefore, to change a certain situation in a positive way, we have to change ourselves, and to change ourselves, we must be able to change our perception, Hubspot said.

The book opens with the fact that there are so many people who have achieved a very high level of success out there who still find themselves grappling with the need to increase their individual levels of productivity and develop strategies. Healthy relationship with others.

Life is increasingly complicated, stressful and harsh as people move from the industrial age to the information technology age with its consequences. The knowledge economy was born, accompanied by a series of new issues that strongly affected social life, bringing people positive applications as well as creating some additional difficulties and challenges. stay awake. Those difficulties and challenges differ not only in quantity but also in quality.

The profound changes in society and the upheavals in the global marketplace in the digital age have made many people question the validity of the principles and habits set forth in this book. In my opinion, the more fluctuations in life, the greater the challenges we face, the more valuable the 7 Habits of Quencai is to everyone. Because difficulties and challenges always exist and are increasingly popular, solutions are based on principles that are regular, obvious, invariant, and long-standing in history. I am not the creator of those principles, but just the one to recognize and rearrange them in a logical order.

After the experience, I learned a profound lesson in life: if you want to overcome all challenges to achieve great aspirations, you must know and correctly identify and apply principles or laws. naturally on your goals. Successful application of a certain law depends a lot on the intelligence, ability and creativity of each person, but the most important thing is to know how to combine principles harmoniously.

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