Tess Pendragon & The Wand of Avalon – KR Matthews ePub PDF download

Tess Pendragon & The Wand of Avalon – KR Matthews

274 Pages – 2022 – 1.9 MB – 1601 Downloads – English

Tess Pendragon & The Wand of Avalon - KR Matthews ePub PDF

IT WAS WELL past midnight when a cloaked woman emerged onto the dimly lit streets of the old English village. Her wooden staff broke the silence of the night, clicking against the worn cobblestone road. It would be hours before the bell tower would ring and the morning sun would brush across the horizon. Until then, she would take pleasure in the darkness. The time of her order was near. Out of the mist, a portly, bearded man stumbled along the sidewalk, whistling a joyful tune. As the man lifted his gaze to the cloaked face of Lady Navia, his eyes widened in fear. Perhaps it was her sharp and jagged teeth, her pale skin, glowing yellow eyes, and twisted smile. Or maybe it was the strange black fog that surrounded her, weaving back and forth like an obedient pet. The cause of the man’s deafening screams would hardly matter. With a slight tilt of her hand, the crystal skull atop her staff pulsed with a bright light, summoning the inky fog around the man.

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