TensorFlow 2.0 Computer Vision Cookbook PDF free download

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542 Pages – 2021 – 5.3 MB – 26352 Downloads – English

TensorFlow 2.0 Computer Vision Cookbook PDF

TensorFlow 2.0 Computer Vision Cookbook PDF free download – The release of TensorFlow 2.x in 2019 was one of the biggest and most anticipated events in the deep learning and artificial intelligence arena, because it brought with it long-overdue improvements to this popular and relevant framework, mainly focused on simplicity and ease of use.

The adoption of Keras as the official TensorFlow high-level API, the ability to switch back and forth between eager and graph-based execution (thanks to tf.function), and the ability to create complex data pipelines with tf.data are just a few of the great additions that TensorFlow 2.x brings to the table. In this book, you will discover a vast amount of recipes that will teach you how to take advantage of these advancements in the context of deep learning applied to computer vision.

This book is for computer vision developers, computer vision engineers, and deep learning practitioners looking for go-to solutions to various problems faced in computer vision. You will discover how to employ modern machine learning techniques and deep learning architectures to perform a plethora of computer vision tasks. Basic knowledge of Python programming and computer vision is required.

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