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Ten Thousand Tries by Amy Makechnie ePub PDF

My last year of middle school ocially starts with the annual visit to Dr. Arun. Which is ne except for shots and the whole let’s-seewhat’s-going-on-down-there part. And of course that Mom and my two little sisters—Whitney and Roma—aka the Squirrels, are with me. “Oooh, I like your dress,” Roma says admiringly. “It’s a gown,” I say before realizing that doesn’t sound much better. I’m wearing a small hospital gown printed with trains, the same one I’ve been wearing for every physical since age three. It has one useless tie in back that doesn’t stop it from showcasing my bony spine and underwear. Dr. Arun is a train fanatic. He’s built a suspended track that travels the perimeter of the room, while an actual train chugs around the ceiling on it. When I was little, I couldn’t wait to visit Dr. Arun because it was the coolest thing. Actually, it’s still the coolest thing, but when the nurse comes in to take my temperature and blood pressure, I pretend I wasn’t looking at it and put a bored face on. My older sister, Jaimes, says that everything for me is broken down into two categories: cool and uncool. For instance: Cool: I’m starting eighth grade, so I’m nally gonna be THE MAN.

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