Such a Good Wife by Seraphina Nova Glass ePub PDF download

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Such a Good Wife by Seraphina Nova Glass ePub PDF

Such a Good Wife by Seraphina Nova Glass ePub PDF free download – THE AUGUST HEAT HANGS heavy in the wet air. I try to keep Bennett occupied in a way that doesn’t involve a screen, so we sit barefoot on the back steps behind the deck, peeling muddy red potatoes and snipping green bean ends, discarding them into the rusty buckets we hold between our knees. He loves this. The ritual of plucking off each knotted end soothes him. Inside, I see Rachel and her friend from school eating strawberries over the sink, throwing the green tops into a soggy pile in the drain; she rolls her eyes when I call in to tell her to run the disposal and pull the chicken out to defrost. It’s only a few weeks until school starts back up, and I’m using the advent calendar leftover from Christmas to count down the days.

Bennett helped me tape cutout images of book bags and rulers over the old Santas and stuffed stockings. He starts a new school in September, one he’s been on a waiting list to attend because his doctor says it’s the best for kids on the spectrum. He should have started in kindergarten, and now, as he goes into the second grade, I try to curb my resentment at the bougie place for keeping us waiting that long, even after a hefty donation we made two years ago. But I’m hopeful the new school might be a better fit for him because it specifically caters to neurodivergent kids. He can be rigid and set in his ways. He can also be easily agitated and this school is the best in the area. I’ve read every book, I’ve gone to every specialist, and still feel like I’m failing him when I struggle to understand what he’s feeling.

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