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Details about Stress – The Psychology of Managing Pressure

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Stress - The Psychology of Managing Pressure PDF

Stress The Psychology of Managing Pressure ePub PDF free download – Ae, race, gender, money—nothing can shield us from having to face stressful situations that might feel difficult, even impossible, to overcome. Nor should they, because stress is an essential part of life. Any experience or situation that makes you feel threatened or overwhelmed is a “stressor.” Good stress helps you to focus on your goals and complete important tasks. Without stress, we would fail to achieve our greatest accomplishments, because the ones we value most are usually stressful and require a great deal of effort. Bad stress isn’t productive and can halt your advancement and dampen your spirits. This book will help you master life’s stressors, good or bad, with greater ease—not by eliminating stress, but by building on your strengths and encouraging the development of new coping skills. The five chapters that follow are based on a careful review of the most recent and important scientific research, which has been translated to be relevant and helpful for anyone who wants to feel better able to manage their stress. When you’re trying to overcome life’s challenges, particularly the more stressful or unpleasant ones, understanding how your body and your brain react, and how you can influence that reaction, can help you to feel a greater sense of control.

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