Statistical Methods for Machine Learning PDF download (Github)

Details about Statistical Methods for Machine Learning. Discover How to Transform Data into Knowledge with Python

296 Pages – 2019 – 2.6 MB – 754525 Downloads – English

Statistical Methods for Machine Learning PDF

Statistical Methods for Machine Learning PDF free download – The field of statistics is hundreds of years old and statistical methods are central to working through predictive modeling problems with machine learning. Statistical methods refer to a range of techniques from simple summary statistics intended to help better understand data, to statistical hypothesis tests and estimation statistics that can be used to interpret the results of experiments and predictions from models. I designed this book to teach you step-by-step the basics of statistical methods with concrete and executable examples in Python.

This book was written to be read linearly, from start to finish. That being said, if you know the basics and need help with a specific notation or operation, then you can flip straight to that section and get started. This book was designed for you to read on your workstation, on the screen, not on a tablet or eReader. My hope is that you have the book open right next to your editor and run the examples as you read about them. This book is not intended to be read passively or be placed in a folder as a reference text.

It is a playbook, a workbook, and a guidebook intended for you to learn by doing and then apply your new understanding with working Python examples. To get the most out of the book, I would recommend playing with the examples in each tutorial. Extend them, break them, then fix them. Try some of the extensions presented at the end of each lesson and let me know how you do

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