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Details about SQL & NoSQL Databases: Models, Languages, Consistency Options and Architectures for Big Data Management

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SQL & NoSQL Databases

SQL & NoSQL Databases: Models, Languages, Consistency Options and Architectures for Big Data Management PDF free download – It is remarkable how stable some concepts are in the feld of databases. Information technology is generally known to be subject to rapid development, bringing forth new technologies at an unbelievable pace. However, this is only superfcially the case. Many aspects of computer science do not essentially change at all. This includes not only the basics, such as the functional principles of universal computing machines, processors, compilers, operating systems, databases and information systems, and distributed systems, but also computer language technologies such as C, TCP/IP, or HTML, which are decades old but in many ways provide a stable fundament of the global, earth-spanning information system known as the World Wide Web. Likewise, the SQL language has been in use for over four decades and will remain so in the foreseeable future. The theory of relational database systems was initiated in the 1970s by Codd (relation model and normal forms), Chen (entity and relationship model) and Chamberlin and Boyce (SEQUEL). However, these technologies have a major impact on the practice of data management today. Especially, with the Big Data revolution and the widespread use of data science methods for decision support, relational databases, and the use of SQL for data analysis are actually becoming more important. Even though sophisticated statistics and machine learning are enhancing the possibilities for knowledge extraction from data, many if not most data analyses for decision support rely on descriptive statistics using SQL for grouped aggregation. In that sense, although SQL database technology is quite mature, it is more relevant today than ever.

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