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Sports Psychology For Dummies is a relatively new field, but it’s one of the fastest-growing areas in sports performance. Professional sports are big money, and teams want a return on their investment in their players. So it should come as no surprise that every NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL team employs someone trained in sports psychology to assist them with helping players work through mental blocks, slumps, and general decreases in performance. We wrote this book because we want to get the information that we teach to elite athletes and teams to the general public.

Sports Psychology For Dummies

362 Pages – 2010 – 2.8 MB – 19,764 Downloads – English

The services we provide as sports psychologists can be expensive, and most athletes who are just looking for a way to get the edge in their sports participation can’t afford to fork over hundreds of dollars to meet with their own sports psychologist. With this book, you don’t have to — you hold in your hands the same information we share with our clients, for a tiny fraction of the cost. This book is packed full of information that can help you get more out of your physical talent. We’ve filled this book with techniques and skills that we teach to professional and Olympic athletes — skills that you can apply in your own training today.

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