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Specific Sports-Related Injuries

Specific Sports-Related Injuries PDF free download – Most of the times, a defeat may work as the turning point in an athlete’s career, a challenging moment but one to learn and analyze the weaknesses and strengths, defne new strategies, and become physically and mentally stronger to overcome new challenges.

In sports, conquests are designed and built by teamwork, and come true by the athlete’s dedication, persistence, and demanding work on sports abilities, such as in judo, sumo, wrestling, tennis, baseball, American football, soccer, rugby, swimming, skiing, bobsleigh, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, fencing, cycling, and marathon. Each modality of sports has a unique DNA that is manifested by a particular feld of play, rules, and physical and mental demands that identify and make each sport so special and fascinating to watch and practice.

However, each sport also has a “dark side”—specifc sportsrelated injuries. The Specifc Sports-Related Injuries book approaches different modalities of sports, and each one of the 36 chapters was structured and designed to start with a brief presentation of the modality, going through the analysis of its dynamics, athlete’s physical demands in the feld, common sports-related injuries, biomechanics of injuries, treatment, and injury prevention. Moreover, the book analyzes the accuracies related to the individual and team sports in winter and summer sports.

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