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Software Development, Design and Coding PDF

Software Development, Design and Coding PDF free download – What’s this book all about? Well, it’s about how to develop software from a personal perspective. We’ll look at what it means for you to take a problem and produce a program to solve it from beginning to end. That said, this book focuses a lot on design. How do you design software? What things do you take into account? What makes a good design? What methods and processes are there to help you design software? Is designing small programs different from designing large ones? How can you tell a good design from a bad one? What general patterns can you use to help make your design more readable and understandable? It’s also about code construction. How do you write programs and make them work? “What?” you say. “I’ve already written eight gazillion programs! Of course I know how to write code!” Well, in this book, we’ll explore what you already do and investigate ways to improve on that.

We’ll spend some time on coding standards, debugging, unit testing, modularity, and characteristics of good programs. We’ll also talk about reading code, what makes a program readable, and how to review code that others have written with an eye to making it better. Can good, readable code replace documentation? How much documentation do you really need? And it’s about software engineering, which is usually defined as “the application of engineering principles to the development of software.” What are engineering principles? Well, first, all engineering efforts follow a defined process. So we’ll be spending a bit of time talking about how you run a software development project and what phases there are to a project. We’ll talk a lot about agile methodologies, how they apply to small development teams and how their project management techniques work for small- to medium-sized projects. All engineering work has a basis in the application of science and mathematics to real-world problems. So does software development. As I’ve said already, we’ll be spending a lot of time examining how to design and implement programs that solve specific problems.

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