Social Media Marketing For Dummies by Singh, Shiv PDF ePub free download

As you read Social Media Marketing For Dummies, keep in mind that the way people influ- ence each other online and impact purchasing and brand affinity decisions is similar to the way they’ve done for thou- sands of years in the real world. The technology is finally catching up, and social influence marketing is fundamentally about allowing and encouraging that behavior to happen in a brand-positive manner online, too. This book helps you understand why social media matters to marketers and how you can harness it to directly impact your own marketing efforts in meaningful ways. Targeted at both marketers in large organizations and those of you who work in small businesses or run small businesses, it includes advice for every business scenario.

Social Media Marketing For Dummies

130 Pages – 2010 – 1.88 MB – 62,427 Downloads – English

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