Smart Thinking PDF ePub free download by Matthew Allen

Smart Thinking is a practical, step-by-step guide to improving skills in analysis and critical thinking, and the effective communication of arguments and explanations. With an accessible and straightforward style, this book is of great use for students at university and also final-year school who are looking to improve their analytical skills.

Details about Smart Thinking: Skills for Critical Understanding and Writing

207 Pages – 2006 – 3.57 MB – 157,363 Downloads – English

This second edition treats reasoning as an aspect of communication, not an abstract exercise in logic. It not only provides detailed advice on how to practice better analytical skills, but also demonstrates their application to finding information and writing more coherently. The focus in this book is on improving one’s own reasoning rather than simply reading others’ arguments. In particular, Smart Thinking emphasises how to develop arguments that are coherent and take account of their audience and context.

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