Skins vs Skills: What Matters the Most in CSGO?

It really depends on the person who wants an answer. If you are a gamer then your skills are more important than skins. Your skins will have literally zero impact on your game. Damages are the same with whatever skin you have.

As a gamer, if you have good skills, skins will follow you. You can collect skins by winning a tournament, unlocking achievements, collecting drops in between the game. If you have prime status then the drops will be more often and you can also get rare skins in these in-game drops.

But if you are a YouTuber then I recommend skins over skills. Before you yell at me that YouTubers need skills to attract subscribers, let me tell you that even noobs gameplay will get a million views if they have fancy outfits, rare weapon skins, and money to buy whatever they need in the game. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that have millions of views just because they have shown rare skins and outfits in the videos.

Skins vs Skills

Okay, but if you ask me which one matters I will suggest you keep it this way 70% skill improvement and 30% skins collection. Let me tell you why. Let’s imagine you have many rare skins and souvenirs. But if you need to show off then you must be in a good gaming community to show off.

If you need to get into such communities you need skills that can impress other gamers. Else you can only show them off to noobs and in your YouTube channels. You won’t get much satisfaction with these things, the real satisfaction comes only when some real gamer admires you.  So it comes back to skills.

That’s why I personally choose skills over skins. If your only goal is to make money by selling some rare skins or betting then none of the above will be applicable to you. Alright everybody has different opinions. I will list out the benefits of both skins and skills. Choosing one among them is up to you.

Why Skills matter in CSGO?

CSGO is completely a skill-oriented game. Mastering the art of playing the game will give you satisfaction. Here I have listed three advantages of learning skills to play CSGO.

  1. Real gaming experience
  2. Win Tournaments
  3. Earn real money

1. Real gaming experience

You get the real gaming experience only if you use your skill to play CSGO. You need to have good hand-eye coordination in this game to spot any slight movement of the enemy and do a headshot. You need to learn how to surf properly.

2. Win Tournaments

You need to practice all the controls of the game and master it. In 1 vs 1 matches, it’s all about who can act fast and shoot at the target without a miss. Often these tournaments will give you cash rewards, but definitely, there will be a rare skin gift along with it. Once you make friends you may receive skins as gifts. You can also earn skins by playing bet matches with your friends or gamers in your community.

3. Earn real money

Okay now, this is the important part. Would like to know how to earn some good money with your CSGO skills? Well here is the answer. Just teach noob people to learn and charge a fee for it. People are doing it in Fiverr and other freelancing platforms and it works. These are some of the advantages of having better skills in CSGO.

Fun Fact: If you are really into CSGO then you must have heard about Nadeking. He once tested a CSGO teacher from Fiverr and ended up learning many new skills from him. Check the video here.

Why Skins matter in CSGO?

Not everyone plays CSGO just to master the skills, some people are after money and wanted to collect virtual CSGO assets and make money by selling them. Also, you know very well that having fancy skins won’t give you a head start in the game or protect you from the bullets. But it will make you feel proud that you appear unique with those rare outfits.

  1. The psychological effect on enemies
  2. Keeps you engaged and lets you show off
  3. Trading & Betting to make money

1. The psychological effect on enemies

Rare skins will do nothing to help you win the match, but they will have psychological effects on the minds of enemies. People in CSGO judge people based on their outfits. Yes, on seeing your rare outfit or weapon skin they will become worried that you are a pro and they are gone. People in CSGO always associate your skills with the outfits, skins, and stickers you have in the game. No pro will play with default skin.

2. Keeps you engaged and lets you show off

Slowly your wardrobe will be filled with outfits once you start clocking more and more hours in the game. You can show off your hard work only through rare skins and stickers you got in the game. If there are no skins and digital collectibles in the game sooner or later the game will get bored and the gamer’s engagement will fade out.

In order to keep the gamers engaged the skins and achievement missions are used.

3.Trading & Betting to make money

Psst! I have a tip for you business-minded gamers. There are a lot of sites those trade these outfits and skins. You can exchange them for rewards or other skins you like. You can also exchange your skins for cash. Few people buy these outfits for a smaller price on the black market and sell them to a higher price and make huge profits. Trades worth millions of dollars are traded monthly in these black markets.

If you want a few bucks initially to gamble with, you can use these CSGO gambling codes which will help you get ahead of the competition while gambling and making some money.


So you can now decide which one is worthy to chase. If you ask my personnel opinion then I will always choose skill over the skin. If you got the first one then the latter will automatically follow.

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