Skin Cancer Management: A Practical Approach 2ed PDF download

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Skin Cancer Management: A Practical Approach 2ed PDF

Skin Cancer Management: A Practical Approach 2ed PDF free download – Useful books are hard to come by. Some books are long and authoritative, suitably imposing, and heavy on the bookshelf, but too bewildering in their complexity to be often consulted. There are brief treatments as well, with these more accessible and practical, less prone to injure the user, yet frequently lacking in substance, devoid of enough detail to be a primary text. Fortunately, there is a sweet spot. A textbook crafted by an expert editor can straddle the middle, presenting a wealth of information distilled to its essence. We all have a few such books in our libraries. We guard them, seldom lend them, and frequently turn to them when we are confused. Like a reliable friend, they are reasonable and wise, providing not just instruction but also nuance. When we read a passage on an unfamiliar topic, we come away feeling like experts, happy to share our newfound knowledge with the next physician or patient we meet. This is such a book. It has a broad charge: to help us manage skin cancer. And it has already succeeded admirably, as this is a second edition after a well-received frst. There are at least three elements of this book that make it remarkable. First, in terms of physical dimension and thickness, it is neither too long nor too short, but rather just right in size. Second, it has a scope that is suffcient, not excessive or ill-defned. While entire books have been written on the topics covered in each of the chapters, for instance Chap. 3 on chemical peels, or Chap. 4 on photodynamic therapy, such specifc texts tend to have narrower audiences. Many of us treat skin cancer, and combining all the relevant techniques and considerations in one volume is extremely helpful. Third, this book is truly multidisciplinary. All too often, textbooks are respectful of the boundaries of a particular medical specialty, and stay within the silo, seeing their subject from a single vantage point. Patients are more complicated, and deserve more. This volume rises to the challenge, spanning the range of skin cancer treatment from topical prophylaxis and superfcial procedures, to surgical excision and repair, and all the way to treatment of advanced cancer with radiation and systemic medications. Some of the chapters are rare but precious, and we are delighted that the editor thought to commission them. Specifcally, we all want to know when to refer, how to treat cancer in patients with skin of color, and what sort of imaging to order for head and neck tumors. Now we do. There is also copious information about non-surgical treatments for local disease, including not only PDT and chemical peels for skin cancer, but also other topical therapies, intralesional and perilesional treatments, and chemoprevention.

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