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Sirens of Memory by Puja Guha ePub PDF

Sirens of Memory by Puja Guha ePub PDF free download – Mariam snuck down the stairs, her face damp with sweat. She was moving as fast as possible without making a noise, but this was her one chance—she couldn’t let it pass. She crept past the door to her husband’s room, where he had bedded his other women—two or three of them—not that she knew, or really cared. The door was open a crack, which meant that tonight he was alone, and her only chance was to get to safety before he realized that she was gone.

As she moved down the hallway, his throaty snore faded, and she couldn’t help but hope that tonight would be the last time she was subjected to that noise. When she reached the stairwell, she sped downstairs, keeping hold of the straps of her overstuffed backpack so that it wouldn’t bounce too hard against her spine. The carpet muffled the sound of her feet, so she moved faster, with each step the door to safety growing closer and beckoning all the more intensely. She stopped at the last step and moved daintily onto the ceramic tile—Tareq was a light sleeper, and even the faintest noise had awoken him in the past.

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