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The creation of the book Silent Spring PDF is thought to be the beginning of environmental activity in the world, and it was also the most important agent for the US government at the time (under President Nixon). founded the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1970. For many people, Rachel Caron is an environmental hero and she is also a political voice for those who want to protect the environment from insecticide chemicals.

Who brings science closer to the public

Rachel Carson was born on May 27, 1907, is a risky and imaginative person. Starting with her work as an ocean ecologist, Rachel wrote the screenplay for radio programs about the sea. She created a turning point for the program because the scripts are now not only simple but also rich in poetry and vibe. Later, Rachel began writing books about the ocean and the atmosphere. Her books received great acclaim from readers, best-selling edition as the book Sea around us (The Sea Around Us).

In her 50s, Rachel began to look around the ground around her. She realized something unimaginable: the forests were cut down bare, toxic waste plants killed countless rivers, wasteland cleared to build roads and structures. Rachel realized in a daze: “People are destroying the world.”

The influence of the silent Spring book

In the 1950s, people in the United States used DDT insecticide (Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) sprayed on a large scale forming clouds in the air to kill mosquitoes and harmful insects, but it also killed even Useful insects and birds. Many people asked for help from Rachel and she knew what to do.

Rachel decided to write a book on this issue. When she learned that Rachel was planning to write a book about the Earth, many advised her not to write about pesticides for the simple reason: “No one will take the time to read a book about dreary scenes.” such”.

Undeterred, Rachel embarked on research on insecticides. DDT was the most popular insecticide at the time. It is preferred because it helps users save time, money and labor. Farmers, forest owners, cow owners use more than 226 thousand tons of this poison each year. DDT destroys insects, insects and slaughter all beneficial insects with birds, rabbits and cats.

Originally a marine biologist, Rachel questioned how DDT affects fish and discovered that DDT followed the rain to the river and killed the fish. The next question is how does DDT affect people when they eat food contaminated with DDT? Rachel knew this was a “sadly sad” topic, but she also knew that “can’t be silent.”

At first, Rachel intended to name the book “Man against the Earth,” but she realized the title was not good. Rachel thought so much about the title of the book, she realized in the first chapter she had asked readers the question: “Why are birds silent and not singing in the spring?” What made the birds silent? ” So she decided to name the book “Silent Spring”.

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