She’s My Boo by Jacob Chance ePub PDF download

She’s My Boo by Jacob Chance

124 Pages – 2021 – 778 KB – 785 Downloads – English

She’s My Boo by Jacob Chance ePub PDF

HANDS ON MY HIPS, I stare into the wide camera lens and curve my lips into a small smile. “That’s all for this week’s episode of Hauntings and Hops. Thank you to the Brazen Storehouse for supplying the delicious refreshments. I’ll see you next week. And in the meantime, be kind to the spirits around you. Remember, you’re a guest in their space.” I raise my bottle of beer and remain in place as the camera pans out. “That’s a wrap,” Donal, the director and a close friend of mine, calls out. I move off the white X taped to the floor, marking my spot, and give him a questioning thumbs up as I walk past. I want to make sure he’s satisfied with the episode.

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