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Savage Bounty by Matt Wallace ePub PDF

Savage Bounty by Matt Wallace ePub PDF free download – One of its greatest weapons has always been the Savage Legion, an army of conscripts culled from the dungeons of Crache’s cities and hurled on the forefront of battle at the empire’s enemies. But the Legion has another clandestine purpose, which is to dispose of dissidents, the homeless, and any others deemed undesirable by the state. It is an instrument of conquest and oppression, the true guiding principles of this “evolved” society. Evie entered the Savage Legion with a simple mission: inltrate its ranks and locate her rst love, Brio, an advocate from the Capitol who disappeared after asking too many questions about the Legion.

In the course of this mission, she has found herself the unlikely leader of a rapidly fomenting rebellion against Crache. With her makeshift army of ex-Savages and common enemies of the Crachian army, the Skrain, she is now poised to lay siege to the Tenth City, and with that, open an inroad to the heart of the nation. Lexi, Brio’s wife and the one who rst sought Evie’s help, has successfully battled Crache’s bureaucracy to take over as leader of Gen Stalbraid in her husband’s absence. She has also become the unwilling “guest” of a secret order known as the Ignobles, descendants of the blood nobility that once ruled. The Ignobles want that power back, and Lexi must play a role in their plan in order to keep her life.

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