Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat PDF free download by Nosrat & Samin

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking

539 Pages · 2017 · 21.96 MB · 12,097 Downloads· English

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is not just a collection of complex recipes and beautiful illustrations. Salt fat acid heat is a must-have book for anyone who is passionate about cooking, whether just playing games or wanting to be a professional chef. Or even though it is not very handful, the book is also attractive enough with dozens of scientific knowledge explaining why you also follow the recipe and the food can be eaten when you can not eat. Do you remember in the movie Ratatouille the mouse chef, the chef who said “Anyone can cook well”? This is the guidebook according to that statement. Author Samin Nosrat, who is the chef of the famous restaurant Chez Panisse, has spent nearly 20 years refining knowledge and writing this book to evoke the love of food for everyone.

The book has two parts: part 1 is the Four Elements for good cooking, part 2 is Recipes and Tips. Each section is written in great detail, in order to ensure that the reader will fully understand how cooking works, and can comfortably create anything in the kitchen without any stress. In short, it’s all you can enjoy about cooking and eating.

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