Rise to the Sun by Leah Johnson ePub PDF free download

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Rise to the Sun by Leah Johnson ePub PDF

Rise to the Sun by Leah Johnson ePub PDF free download – My best friend has always been the first person I run to when it’s time to blow up my life. The radio is cranked up as loud as it can go in Imani’s SUV, and both of our heads are tilted back, shouting lyrics at the roof of the car. This feeling isn’t the explosion I came to her begging for at the beginning of summer three months ago— when I was sad and frustrated and heartbroken again—but it feels right. It feels the way things only feel when you’re with your best friend in the world, on your way to your first music festival, with the rubble of a disastrous junior year behind you. Feels like possibility. “I’m not saying love isn’t real! I’m just saying, statistically, there’s no way every time you claim to have been in love it actually was love,” she shouts during the drum solo of the song currently blasting over the speakers. She opens her mouth for a Twizzler and leans toward me without taking her eyes off the road as she creeps forward in the line of cars. She’s wearing one of her many pairs of designer sunglasses, her only real fashion indulgence, but I can see her carefully threaded eyebrows raise expectantly behind them. I do my due diligence as an A1 passenger and feed it to her.

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