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Righteous by Celeste Granger

Righteous by Celeste Granger – They didn’t have a lot of time. They shared stolen moments, shielded from the scolding eyes of a racist society and behind the back of his wife – the one who took his last name, the one who stayed home and birthed his Italian babies, the one who turned a blind eye to what she knew was happening. The wife couldn’t afford to lose him. Her only skillset was being a wife. She was raised that way, trained for nothing else. Even when she smelled the perfume of the other woman drenching the collar of the man she loved, she ignored it no matter how bad it hurt her.

As he stepped through the pass-through door and met the gaze of his lover’s eyes, steady, low, seductive, he knew that she was well worth all the risk. His eyes trailed the length of her, seeing the negligee she wore that highlighted her thick, Nubile, feminine curves. She was slender with womanly mounds that beckoned his lips to suckle and full hips that demanded he hold and possess, taking them as his own. She was dark, her deep rich mahogany skin luscious and opposite of the translucent paleness of his wife. Her fiery eyes pierced and glowed with a ravishing inner fire. He even appreciated her broad Negro nose that perfectly balanced her beautiful face. Although she pinned up her coiled, kinky hair to more mimic what was deemed appropriate for a woman, for the times, he liked nothing more than to release her natural tresses, lush and thick, and run his tanned fingers through them.

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