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Rich Dad Poor Dad is the best-selling book by Robert Kiyosaki. In which, he expressed his support for financial independence through investment, real estate, business and reasonable use of finance.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad are written in a way that tells the author’s own stories to make readers find financial problems interesting. The main problem that Kiyosaki wanted to say is that it is better to own a business system than to be an employee for someone else.

The poor father in the story is the biological father of Kiyosaki, a PhD holder , graduating from Stanford University , California and Northwestern University, and with all that expertise, he became head of the Hawaii state education. According to the book, he gained great respect until, towards the end of his career, he decided to go against the governor of Hawaii. That directly caused the poor father to lose his job, and never be able to find a job in such a position again. Because he never learned how to financially freedom, instead of relying entirely on government subsidies (as a hired man), he fell into deep debt and eventually passed away. in a very bitter way.

In contrast to that character is the rich father , the father of his best friend, Michael. The rich father dropped out of school in 8th grade, but became a millionaire. He taught Kiyosaki and Michael a lot of finance lessons, and always said that you have to learn to make money work for them, not to spend all your money on their daily lives, like the workers of rich dads, as well as the poor father , and almost everyone in the world.

The book highlights the different positions of coins, the career and the two men’s lives, and how they changed decisions in Kiyosaki’s life.

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