Remove final character from string

Let’s say my string is 10 characters long.

How do I remove the last character?

If my string is "abcdefghij" (I do not want to replace the 'j' character, since my string may contain multiple 'j' characters) I only want the last character gone. Regardless of what it is or how many times it occurs, I need to remove the last character from my string.

2 Answers


st =  "abcdefghij"
st = st[:-1]

There is also another way that shows how it is done with steps:

list1 = "abcdefghij"
list2 = list(list1)
list3 = list2[:-1]

This is also a way with user input:

list1 = input ("Enter :")
list2 = list(list1)
list3 = list2[:-1]

To make it take away the last word in a list:

list1 = input("Enter :")
list2 = list1.split()
list3 = list2[:-1]

What you are trying to do is an extension of string slicing in Python:

Say all strings are of length 10, last char to be removed:

>>> st[:9]

To remove last N characters:

>>> N = 3
>>> st[:-N]

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