Red Winter Trilogy by Annette Marie ePub PDF free download

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Red Winter Trilogy by Annette Marie ePub PDF

Red Winter Trilogy by Annette Marie ePub PDF free download – Behind her, the car she’d exited rumbled quietly, the humming of the engine the only sound in the still air. The dirt road wound up the gentle slope of the mountain, but the heavy blanket of colorful leaves suggested it was seldom travelled beyond this point. Thick tree trunks lined the road like a towering fence, the barrier broken only by the path just beyond her toes. A car door slammed and she started, tearing her eyes from the dark corridor through the trees. Her escort opened the trunk and pulled out two simple suitcases. He walked around the car and dropped them in the dirt beside her with a thud. She frowned at her luggage, then at her escort. “Thank you, Akio,” she said politely anyway. The path drew her gaze back. A chill breeze rushed across her, tugging at her long hair, and her breath puffed out in a white haze. It was only mid-autumn but the wind had the cold taste of winter. Gray clouds stretched between the rolling mountain peaks, dimming the late afternoon light.

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