Rebellion of the Lost – Amie Kaufman ePub PDF download

Rebellion of the Lost – Amie Kaufman

252 Pages – 2022 – 3.2 MB – 1882 Downloads – English

Rebellion of the Lost - Amie Kaufman ePub PDF

Marisol Contreras Beruna leaned over the ferry’s railing, letting alpine air thread through her hair as she peered into the waters below. Lake Titicaca was much clearer than the waves off Folly Beach—so clear that she could see the reflection of the sky on its surface and the killifish weaving through the green weeds just beneath. As the boat pulled away from the dock, Marisol stared even harder, trying to see traces of a lost city below. Wanaku. When she and her cousin Jake had been stuck inside the World Between Blinks, nearly six whole months ago, they’d wandered through the lost parts of this underwater city, breathing with the aid of the enchanted bubbler charms strung on their necklaces. Fish swam around the cousins’ heads and llamas strolled past, their fur swishing with the currents. The brightly woven fabrics floating around Wanaku’s other inhabitants had made Marisol feel at home.

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