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Ready Player Two is a science fiction novel by American author Ernest Cline, this book was written in 2020. Ready Player Two was published and released on November 24, 2020.

Ready Player Two

Ready Player Two

383 Pages · 2016 · 2.97 MB · 9,631 Downloads· English

Wade Watts is an 18-year-old egg hunter living in the Columbus slums, Ohio with his aunt. In OASIS, Wade took on the character avatar Parzival and befriended Aech, a male avatar in a virtual mechanical shape. He also befriends the popular player Art3mis after saving her from being wiped out. Wade decided to go to the OASIS library to learn about Halliday’s private life in order to search for clues to end the race. Here, they learn that Halliday has some regrets in his life, including his unrequited love for Morrow’s wife Karen (who uses the character name “Kira”) and the loss of a close friend. after forcing Morrow to sell his stake in the Gregarious Game. In the next race, Wade ran back from the starting line and found a hidden, safer path to reach the finish line. He obtained the first of the three with a clue for the next mission. Aech, Art3mis, Daito and Sho also followed Wade to end this quest and all five characters’ names appear on the global scoreboard, making them known as the “Five Great”.

Sorrento learns of Parzival’s real-life identity through mercenary OASIS i-R0k and tries to invite Wade to join IOI, but he refuses. In revenge, the real-life IOI head of operations, F’Nale Zandor bombs Wade’s house, causing Alice to die. Samantha Cook (player of the character Art3mis) came to Wade’s rescue but was soon discovered by IOI. Samantha is captured and sent to the Debt Collection Center, while Wade is found by other “Five Great” members including Helen (Aech), Toshiro (Daito) and Zhou (Sho). The group tracks Samantha’s location in IOI and helps her escape, masquerading as an Infantry, and assists them in OASIS.

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