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RadCases Nuclear Medicine 2nd edition PDF

RadCases Nuclear Medicine 2nd edition PDF free download – Medical imaging and image-guided therapies occupy a rapidly evolving space in health care. Unfortunately, that has not always been the case with nuclear medicine specifically. The old adage of “one new clinical radiotracer per decade” proved true for much of the twentieth century and the beginning of this one. However, these last few years have witnessed an unprecedented explosion of new clinical diagnostic tracers, radionuclide therapies, and even new hardware and imaging paradigms. After many years of biochemical theory and development, the promise of nuclear molecular imaging is finally yielding a wealth of tangible, FDA approved, and clinically available fruits. And so we are quite pleased to offer all of these recent advances in this second edition of RadCases Nuclear Medicine. Our cases have been curated to explore all available new tracers such as fluciclovine (prostate cancer), dotatate (neuroendocrine tumors), sodium fluoride (bone disease) amyloid (Alzheimer’s) PET, and ioflupane (Parkinson’s) SPECT. New radionuclide therapies are also presented, including Xofigo (prostate cancer), Lutathera (neuroendocrine), and TheraSphere (liver tumor), as well as the paradigm-shifting concept of “theranostics.” Where appropriate, cases will also make use of newer hardware technologies such as SPECT/CT and PET/MR. And on occasion, we briefly hypothesize which late-phase research tracers may soon be available for routine clinical use.

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