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Queen of all by Anya Leigh Josephs ePub PDF

Queen of all by Anya Leigh Josephs ePub PDF free download – As reluctant as I profess to be, I’m the first one out the casement. There’s an opening just wide enough for us to fit through if we’re careful, meant to let light and air into the attic room. Sisi and I are both big girls, and it’s an uncomfortable squeeze as my stomach presses against the wall. Unlike Sisi, though, at least I have no bosom to contend with as of yet. For a moment, I’m dangling in the air, kicking into nothing, but then I find the first rung of the ladder perched on the outer wall and begin to climb down. By now the path is familiar after years of such midnight escapades, not to mention all the many more ordinary times we’ve climbed up to our shared attic room. The small size of the farmhouse means this is a fortunately short journey. Soon enough, I’m making my mostly silent landing against the soft earth of Aunt Mae’s precious flowerbeds.

It’s pitch-black out here, but I know that Sisi is beside me because I can hear the soft thump of her feet landing next to me and feel her warm hand against mine. As we tiptoe along the outside of the house, I see the candlelight leaking out from the single glass window. That window is my father’s pride and joy, the only addition he’d made to the house after his own father died and left both farm and farmhouse to him. A real glass window is a luxury far beyond what we could really afford, even when times were better. Yet it’s an addition that makes my father happy—as little enough does—and right now it certainly serves Sisi and I well. It marks the front of the house clearly and means we can see into the candlelit room, though no one in there can see out into the darkness. I hope.

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