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Pro Android with Kotlin PDF

Pro Android with Kotlin: Developing Modern Mobile Apps PDF free download – The programs explained in this book, despite their strong affinity to the Kotlin way of thinking, will not be totally mysterious to Java developers or developers of other modern computer languages. One of the design goals of Kotlin is expressiveness, so understanding Kotlin programs requires little effort, even when the programs get shorter. But at some point, you have to pay for maximum brevity with a loss of expressiveness and a loss of readability.

When it comes to deciding what is better, I favor expressiveness over brevity, but be assured that a loquacious programming style is a no-go. In the end, professional developers want to write concise apps because less code means lower costs when it comes to maintenance.

Just to whet your appetite, you will now take a look at a really simple app—one that lacks a lot of features you would want to see in a more complex and professional app—and then rewrite it from Java to Kotlin. The app consists of a single activity and presents an edit field, a button, and a text field that reacts to button presses. If you want to create it using Android Studio, you initiate a new project, disable Kotlin support, and edit the layout to contain a TextView widget, a Button widget, and an EditText widget. Then assign the IDs edit, btn, and text to them, respectively.

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