Practical Python Data Visualization PDF free download

Details about Practical Python Data Visualization: A Fast Track Approach To Learning Data Visualization With Python

168 Pages – 2021 – 4.8 MB – 35467 Downloads – English

Practical Python Data Visualization PDF

Practical Python Data Visualization PDF free download – This book covers the basics of Python, including setup and various modes, and many visualization libraries. I have also made a modest attempt to visualize real-life data related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

After reading this book, you will be empowered by the knowledge of data visualization with Python and will be able to apply this knowledge in real-life projects at your workplace. It will also instill confidence in you to explore more libraries for data visualization in Python, as most of the support the scientific Python ecosystem and NumPy library discussed in detail in this book.

Python is a successor to the ABC programming language, which itself was inspired by the ALGOL 68 and SETL programming languages. It was created by Guido Van Rossum as a personal side project during vacations in the late 1980s while he was working at CWI Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in the Netherlands. From the initial release of Python through July 2018, Van Rossum was the lead developer and Benevolent Dictator for Life for this project. Since then, he has gone into a state of permanent vacation and now works on a steering committee for Python. The following timeline details the important milestones in Python’s release.

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