Practical Artificial Intelligence with Swift PDF free download

Details about Practical Artificial Intelligence with Swift From Fundamental Theory to Development of AI-Driven Apps

676 Pages – 2020 – 46 MB – 27421 Downloads – English

Practical Artificial Intelligence with Swift PDF

Practical Artificial Intelligence with Swift PDF free download – This book takes a task-based approach to practical implementations of artificial intelligence (AI) using Swift. We do this because we think that you shouldn’t need to dive deep into complicated mathematics and algorithms in order to have clever AI- and machine learning-driven features in your iOS application. AI shouldn’t be a specialist area that’s available only to AI experts. AI should be accessible. We live in a world where these techniques are becoming more than commonplace.

They’re becoming part of the fabric of how we interact with computers. Because of the incredible power of machine learning, and its ability to impact, benefit, influence, and control human beings, it’s as important for people to be able to have knowledge over how to build and understand artificial intelligence as it was to know how to operate a computer. To that end, this book is designed to give you a practical understanding of common machine learning tasks. With these, you’ll be able to build better tools, and understand the behaviour of the tools used by others in the wider world. We’re glad you’re here. Let’s build the machine.

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