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Power Ambition Glory: The Stunning Parallels between Great Leaders of the Ancient World and Today … and the Lessons You Can Learn

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Power Ambition Glory is a work with a strange blend of old and present, between two fields of history and economics. The book gives a unique insight into business strategy and leadership from ancient empires, helping readers to learn more interesting and useful lessons.

Whether you are the head of a company or simply a “nerd” who wants to learn more knowledge but has no desire to “rule” a great empire, the book with historical stories and This interesting and objective business with this non-professional language also fits your desires.

These two categories seem irrelevant at first glance, while history tends to be more research and knowledge-seeking, business is an area where practical experience plays a key role.

However, from a different perspective, business, in addition to experimental activities such as production, sales, market survey, is also the vision, management strategy and human treatment. These factors also play an important role not inferior to practical skills at all. And surprisingly, history is one of the best references for these leadership lessons.

As you probably know, a big part of history is the wars. The business world, coincidentally, has no shortage of such fierce competition.

So is the rule of country and the expansion of ancient empires by these famous kings and generals similar to what current CEOs are doing to maintain their property?

Indeed, in “Power Ambition Glory”, you will find that the leadership style of each historical figure mentioned in the book is accurately reflected in the strategies of many top executives at the top of the company. early in modern times, even though there is a gap of decades between them.

For example, the Alexander the Great – cocky, reckless, conquering strange lands nonstop, becoming the owner of the eastern half of the ancient world – is the type of CEO who continuously acquires hundreds of employees. Companies big and small in the marketplace but become prisoners of their own ego, like Dennis Kozlowski.

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