The list of the TOP-7 poker software and tools in 2020

The tools below will help you improve gambling results, optimize the gaming process, and make playing more enjoyable in general. So, without any delay, let’s have a look at the TOP-7 helpful poker tools you can use at any online casino in Canada.

poker software


This tool uses AI to examine your game. It can provide you with a complete rating of your playing and also shares good advice you can apply. In addition, you have an opportunity to import your hands, and the tool will correct your gaming style. Besides, you are able to challenge this poker program and play against it. Such an approach will help you develop your own winning strategy and improve skills.


This excellent calculator assists you in making the right preflop decisions at later steps of your matches. It explains precisely what you should be doing in every potential situation. Certainly, knowing when to PUSH or FOLD and how ICM (independent chip model) impacts your choices is a must, and this program will serve you well in this field.

Simple GTO Trainer

The name speaks for itself, doesn’t it? It is an online poker trainer you can use to develop your skills and get a better result. On top of that, the tool includes blocks with pre-computed plans for overcoming difficulties, so that you could spare a lot of your valuable time.

Summing up, with numerous helpful notes and analyses, this software gives all you need to perfect your poker skills. Besides, the tool also has some extra apps (like 3-way solutions and others) and that definitely is a huge advantage.

Stars Helper

Simply put, this poker software allows you to gamble without viewing real money on the table(like gclub). It converts everything to BB counts, letting you focus more on decision making than recalling the money under risk. With this tool, you can concentrate on what is really important, particularly when you are making shots to higher levels.

It has many extra innovations like extra poker HUD and others. Besides, you can set the tool to automatically sit out from the poker table, or join a game.

Time Mojo

This poker software allows you to randomize your action time, so your contenders would never know exactly your playing style. Also, the tool analyzes your opponents and makes assumptions on the strengths of their hand. This analysis is based on the decision time and is quite precise.

Pio Solver

With this tool, you can get helpful advice in any given situation. Furthermore, you can select your ranges for the solver to use, which is really convenient. Summing up, the tool shares a practical solution for your particular situation.

Unfortunately, it requires a modern PC, so most likely you will need to rent a separate server to run it smoothly.

Poker Timer

No more anger about a missed increase in the blinds or tournament stage! From now you can optimize the process with this timer. It’s a great solution for live tournaments and online poker: it helps to manage all likely scenarios you can think of. On top of that, this timer operates great on both Android and IOS.

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