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Pimp: The Story of My Life

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Pimp: The Story of My Life – Thin acquaints us with the servitude of the skin exchange. Disliking the decisions he had for excelling, Slim concludes he will pimp his way to “some genuine white-type living.” It is a spirit squashing universe of twofold cons and triple-crosses and his first couple invasions onto the roads bring him low. In any case, Slim sucks up to Sweet, an ace who pimps “by the book,” and figures out how to beat his prostitutes into accommodation for the scratch they could win.

Robert “Chunk of ice Slim” Beck writes in road slang yet in addition in full, luxuriously itemized sections that attract us and sketch for us his unsteady beginnings and long connection with the whoring exchange. From time in the ring and from other road tricksters ‘Berg took in the need of applying brain research to his treatment of his prostitutes: he utilized the regularly unpleasantly broken biographies of the prostitutes against them, and utilized bling and blaze and sly to astonish his stable, their stunts, and his opposition. He noticed his passionate response times likewise eased back significantly when he had a noseful of coke.

Yet, the magnificence of this journal is likewise in the composition. Thin was in and out of jail from the time he was twenty. In extraordinary compared to other departure scenes I have ever experienced, Slim’s depiction of his escape from one jail pops with strain and swagger. We are hurting for him to make it outside.

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