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Physiology of the Eye 11th edition PDF

Physiology of the Eye 11th edition PDF free download – Primate and human infants must normally pass head first through their mother’s pelvis to accommodate the limited opening determined by the bony configuration. Therefore the size of the mother’s pelvis limits the head and brain size of the infant. Specifically, the brain of an infant ape is 55 percent of its full size, and the brain of a present-day human infant is only 23 percent of the adult size.1 The result is a human infant who is neurologically immature.2 Notice that the baby monkey can immediately cling tightly to the fur on its mother’s stomach, whereas the human infant has poor muscle strength, has little motor control, and is completely dependent on the mother for survival. While immature, the human infant lives in a restricted and artificial reality, interacting primarily with the mother. The human infant interacts little with the forces of life in the outside world. It is possible that this early immaturity and restricted world contact are naturally beneficial. The infant’s restricted curriculum concentrates on a few priorities necessary for survival. Without words, the infant must be able to announce all his or her needs and encourage a high level of motherly devotion. To communicate with the mother, the infant must be able to read facial expressions and respond with a non-verbal vocabulary. If this speculation is correct, what vision equipment does the infant have to perform these functions?

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