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The name Persepolis PDF sounded familiar. Oh my God, This is my holy book when I was in 9th grade or Secondary 3 in Singapore. It’s not a school I want to raise my capital English scholars should ask us to read books every 7 am. I wandered around the library and when I returned the Peanuts, I came across a pretty little book called Persepolis. And within a few months, I almost critically read that story.

I was captivated by Persepolis not only because it was a black and white comic book :). Persepolis is a story about the life of a girl named Marjane Satrapi in Iran. Her childhood witnessed many events and changes in society, such as the Islamic Revolution and the war with Iraq. What makes this story so special and special to her is how she views these issues through a very innocent, innocent, unbiased but equally sharp lens.

This excerpt is not just about a uniform or dresses. It reports that the process of human freedom here has been gradually taken away, and people like little girl Marjane Satrapi are trying to retain their own identity and oppose the regime.

Persepolis is a good story and is worth reading because it has succeeded in retelling the difficulties women live in the oppression of Islamist Islam in a gentle and profound way. Information about Iran’s turbulent history, its definition as Communism is packed into a concise, concise, and extremely vivid book with expressive drawings. In short, this book is very good and worth reading, and extremely suitable for those who are lazy to read text :))

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