PDFBear: Merge, Split, and Compress your PDFs

The complexity of the portable document format or PDF is somewhat underestimated. Because of its simplicity, it is sometimes identified as the least useful file, for you cannot edit the engraved details in the document. Quite ironic because PDFs are one of the topmost useful file formats globally.


PDF is primarily designed for more convenient file sharing and printing. Technology had trouble transmitting essential data to other computer systems in the older generations, resulting in PDFs’ invention. How do we utilize these PDFs? The PDFBear tool is versatile and has all the needed functions for you to maximize your PDFs fully.

The PDF Merge Function

What is the PDF Merge function? PDF Merge is one of the features of PDFbear wherein you can combine different documents from various file locations to one compact PDF. If you have to make a compilation of data from other sources, gather them, and use this PDF Merge tool to complete your task. These are the steps on how to merge pdf files free:

  • Select the files you need to merge and drag it to the free PDF Merger tool.
  • PDFBear will combine your uploaded files to a single PDF file.
  • If you have to make any changes, you are allowed to make modifications during the third phase.
  • Once done, you can now download your combined PDF file.

Are your files secured after merging? With PDFBear, yes, they are. Since PDFBear truly values their customers, they will automatically delete your uploaded files within an hour after uploading for safer and more secure file confidentiality. Since it is an online-based PDF merger, you need not worry about how to use it as long as your device is online.

Why Use PDF Split?

So we’ve discussed how to combine your PDFs; how about if you need to separate them? PDFBear Split is another efficient function to solve your problem. For example, your superior gave you collated data in the PDF format, and you have observed some glitches or errors in the data. You were then approved to make modifications; how do you do it?

PDFBear Split allows you to detach specific pages from your PDFs. You can choose to separate your PDF into individual pages or extract some pages from the base document depending on the required changes. With PDFBear’s split function, individualizing your combined documents will not be a problem anymore.

Importance of PDF Compress

For instance, you have received a PDF file that is too large because of its high graphic image composition, and it has consumed a lot of space in your disk. Also, it increases your difficulty to upload the file via webmail and send it to others. What to do? To safely reduce the file of your size without heavily affecting its quality, use the compress function of PDFBear.

PDFBear also offers a good variety of conversion tools ranging from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Other PDFBear features up to HTML, and JPG; you can convert your PDFs to other file formats and vice versa. It also has an excellent set of security protocols to ensure your uploaded data’s safety and privacy. PDFBear is an all-in-one program that eases our lives, and it is provided to us for free.


Technology has drastically transcended throughout the years, and we barely notice that. The good thing about the portable document format or PDF is that it could last for decades without outliving its usefulness. Experts believe that PDFs will remain in its position of being the topmost efficient file format, and is a massive breakthrough in computer program innovations.

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