PDF Guide: 3 Things You Can Do with PDFBear

The constant growth of technology is inevitable. What you think is advance now can be out-of-date tomorrow, and you can’t do anything about it. With the pace of how fast things are changing, we must do everything to keep all of our important documents safe. it may be for personal or business use. Think of it as saving yourself from a possible headache in the future.

There may be many online tools that people use for their PDF files, but only PDF Bear can give them everything that they need. They can easily convert, compress, split, and do a pdf merge free of charge. Not only that, but PDF Bear also offers the best privacy and security for its users. The tool provides everyone’s convenience to access it using different devices like laptops, computers, or smartphones.

Merging PDFs

If you have many PDF files and want to combine them into one, you can have the quickest and most straightforward way to merge files with PDF Bear. It is relatively easy and not complicated to use. You don’t have to stress yourself using the tool as PDF Bear will literally do everything for you. Just follow these steps to perform the merging of PDF files.

First is to upload the necessary files that you want to merge. Depending on how you want to do it, you can drag and drop the files you need to work on or do it manually by clicking “Select File” button. After that, you can already start the process of merging and wait for it to complete. Once done, you can download the document or share it using cloud servers like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Splitting Your PDF Files

Besides merging PDF files, you can also split them with PDF Bear, which is convenient for anyone who needs to split PDF files. With this feature, you have the option to split them in two ways. You can choose to remove any pages from their primary file or split the PDF document into separate pages. Here’s how you can split your file.

Choose or simply drag and drop the file you wanted to split. You may now choose the page you want to separate from its original PDF file. After that, click to polish those pages that you want and export them to a PDF file. Then after everything is set, you can now start to download the split PDF document.

Repair PDF

It’s one of the features that are accessible with PDF Bear, which can help you fix PDF files. Whether the file is damaged or corrupted, PDF Bear will try to recover the data and have it working again. Follow these steps to repair your PDF file:

It’s almost the same process as the other PDF Bear functions where you start by uploading the damaged file, which will then be scanned by the tool. Then clock on repair and wait for it to be completed. Some corrupted files are difficult to recover, but PDF Bear won’t make it worse.


PDF Bear is ab exceptional to have whenever you need something done on your PDF files. It is a useful tool that anyone can use when working with PDF files, and it’s not limited to merging, compressing, split and repair; you can also use PDF Bear to convert files from PDF to a different file format or vice versa.

There will be no long wait times when working with PDF Bear, as almost all of the processes are completed within seconds. You wouldn’t face any issues or unwanted changes when merging or converting your PDF files.

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