Download Password Checkup for Windows

Password Checkup – Utility to detect leaked passwords from Google

Password Checkup is Google’s simple password checker utility, which helps users detect a leaked password when logging in to an account on a web browser.

Password Checkup Check for unsafe passwords, need to change new passwords

Currently, leaks Email, social network accounts, personal data … become a hot issue in the technology world. Many people have a habit of sharing passwords for many different accounts. If an account is unlucky, all the remaining accounts are at risk of being hacked. That is why you should use a separate account-specific password with tools for creating and managing passwords like RoboForm, Dashlane or LastPass .

Password Checkup for windows Provide leaked password alerts on the browser

In addition, you should install Google Password Checkup smart password checking tool and use it on Chrome, Coc Coc, Opera, Yandex and browsers using Chromium open source. Password Checkup is an extension that allows free installation on a web browser. When you log in to your account on the web, if you discover a leaked password, Password Checkup will issue an immediate warning and ask you to change your new password to ensure it is safe.

Password Checkup 2 Link with powerful password creation tools

There are many reasons why our personal passwords are leaked: when you log in on an unknown device, access via public WiFi, log in to your account on multiple devices and are not secure. … This habit accidentally creates a chance for hackers to attack the user’s personal account and take up the account at a glance. So installing Google Password Checkup is a wise choice to instantly detect a leaked password and change your password before it’s too late! This is a “genuine” add-on from Google so you can be assured of reliability and security.
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