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Details about Dynamic Reteaming: The Art and Wisdom of Changing Teams

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O'relly Dynamic Reteaming

O’relly Dynamic Reteaming: The Art and Wisdom of Changing Teams 2nd edition PDF free download – This book, Dynamic Reteaming, demonstrates this attribute of noticing. Heidi noticed that the conventional wisdom about teams didn’t match reality. She became curious. Heidi is also bravely willing to challenge conventional wisdom. In this way, she adds “role model for leaders” to her role as author. She understood a generalization that many of us take for granted— team members work better together as they interact over time. She also recognized the flaw in its corollary—strive to keep team membership stable.

Heidi saw it differently. While this is an interesting ideal, it’s not the lived reality in most organizations. People and organizations are not tidy, and unexpected stuff happens. Team members (a.k.a. people who have lives) leave teams for a variety of reasons. New people join growing teams. Products undergo changes based on customer needs and shifting business directions.

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