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Optimized C++ by Kurt Guntheroth

Optimized C++ by Kurt Guntheroth ePub PDF free download – At the dawn of the 21 century, C++ was under assault. Fans of C pointed to C++ programs whose performance was inferior to supposedly equivalent code written in C. Famous corporations with big marketing budgets touted proprietary object-oriented languages, claiming C++ was too hard to use, and that their tools were the future. Universities settled on Java for teaching because it came with a free toolchain. As a result of all this buzz, big companies made big-money bets on coding websites and operating systems in Java or C# or PHP. C++ seemed to be on the wane. It was an uncomfortable time for anyone who believed C++ was a powerful, useful tool. Then a funny thing happened. Processor cores stopped getting faster, but workloads kept growing.

Those same companies began hiring C++ programmers to solve their scaling issues. The cost of rewriting code from scratch in C++ became less than the cost of the electricity going into their data centers. All of a sudden, C++ was popular again. Uniquely among programming languages in wide use in early 2016, C++ offers developers a continuum of implementation choices, ranging from hands-off, automated support to fine manual control. C++ empowers developers to take control of performance trade-offs. This control makes optimization possible.

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