OpenIntro Statistics PDF free download by David M. Diez

OpenIntro Statistics

436 Pages · 2016 · 13.84 MB · 742 Downloads· English

OpenIntro Statistics includes free and easy to use tools and techniques. The techniques can easily be modified as required. The author believes that probability is only one option. Conclusion, on the other hand, is key. The best way to get the key is to analyze data in the real world.

Statistics is the most complex subject for pupils and students. If concepts are not clearly written in the books, it can be overwhelming for the learner. Even a learner will not learn anything from the book and it may become garbage for the learner. The author of this book keeps this in mind and writes a statistics book with simple words. He was also concerned that the content was well written and clear. This book is a gold mine for those who have good math skills and want to learn statistics at a quick pace. All statistical concepts are explained with appropriate details.

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