Online casino trends we will see in 2022

The world of online casinos is moving incredibly quickly. This is a huge industry, and competing casinos are trying to make their own games stand out by providing something a little bit different.

In this guide, we dive into online casino trends that we expect to see in 2022 and beyond. Expanding technology has revolutionized everything from education to gaming, and it is inevitable that things continue to change in the world of online casino games.

A quick look at SkyCity’s newest games will show you that there are plenty of changes coming in the industry as developers of games get smarter about their use of technology and employ new and creative ideas.

Connected games

One of the things that is arguably missing a little from some online casino games is the feeling of inter-connected play.

As such, developers are finding new ways to keep their users connected and even have progressive jackpots that all online players can contribute to, as some of the money from their losses goes into a pot for a player who hits the jackpot and potentially wins big.

Instead of just being connected to the people playing at that time, you can thus be connected to everyone who has contributed.

More live dealers

Some casino games use a live dealer in order to retain the human touch and interaction. In the past, this has been more prohibitive for some of the casinos, as it is quite demanding of any application, but as technology increases and grows, it is likely that the technical aspects of live dealers become easier to implement.

Live dealers are a feature that a lot of people enjoy, and we won’t be surprised to see even more casinos offering the option for a live dealer on games such as blackjack and other table games.

VR and AR growing in the industry

One of the ways in which people can enjoy an even more immersive experience when using an online casino is to make use of virtual reality or augmented reality. As such, you can expect to see headsets becoming a bigger part of casino games in the future.

A VR headset can allow you to enjoy games on a different level. For example, VR can help you feel as if you are really at a table playing your chosen game of blackjack or craps.

More people now have VR headsets than a few years ago. In fact, this sort of technology has become much more affordable, and it is easier to stream the content over fast wifi and 5G connections on mobile devices – which promises reliable streaming that won’t kick you out halfway through a game.


A lot of casinos don’t currently take cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, but as time goes on, more and more people will use crypto in their day-to-day activities and transactions. So, some online casinos have started to allow people to pay with crypto, and we expect that this will continue to be a trend within the industry as people value the anonymity and flexibility of Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrency options.

Even more security measures

Cryptocurrency is one of the ways in which casinos can improve their security, but other forms of blockchain technologies and ever-growing online security measures also help people to gamble, safe in the knowledge that their personal information is kept private.

Hackers and fraudsters are likely to always be a problem online to some extent, but as the biggest and most modern online casinos take extra security precautions, we can expect added levels of secure gaming to be one of the benefits of gaming into 2022 and further.

Huge numbers of new games

Casinos are always thinking of ways whereby they can provide new and exciting games online. There are teams of developers around the world working on new casino games, and many of these games are exciting spins on the old classics. That means they are simple to understand but still provide loads of fun for those who want something fresh.

The online casino industry is so big that there are thousands of games all ready to play, and you can decide whether you want to play a game that is hundreds of years old, such as blackjack or roulette, or if you want to have a go at the casino’s very latest offering. Many of the new games are simple slot variations, but once in a while, there is a very exciting new option to try that could change the way you enjoy casinos.

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