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Number the Stars

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Number the Stars is the story of the Annemarie family in Denmark during the Nazi occupation. Weapons of Nazi soldiers, shiny shoes are everywhere. Annemaria and her family lived in an apartment that had been through those difficult years.

However, it is a work written for children, so the author’s writing style is pure, gentle, lovely, not haunting and also very human.

Despite living in such a situation, the girl and her family are not afraid. On the contrary, she is very intelligent, courageous and upright. The little girl and her family did not mind the danger of helping the Jews escape the Nazi hunt and murder. She also did not lose the innocent innocence of her child.

Incorporate images from fairy tales such as the king and queen, or the story of Little Red Riding Hood when Annemaria, alone, walks in the woods, handing the “dangerous” package to her uncle. An important package helps my uncle to take the Jews to escape. She almost fell into danger when she met Nazi soldiers checking the package.

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