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No Country for Old Men

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No Coutry for Old Men PDF, published in 2003 by writer Cormac McCathy, the book contains contemporary issues and has many meanings, immediately gaining many successes. considerable work. From his stories, we can see many of the throbbing themes of society integrated in fiction, namely the struggle between honor and justice against the evil world; man’s long struggle against crime; temptation, sacrifice and existence; love and hope…

The Coen brothers have chosen this novel to turn into a movie, with the participation of a rich and talented cast such as Tommy Lee Jones (Bell), Josh Brolin (Moss), Javier Bardem (Anton Chigurh)…

“The story is really very dark. The book is also very violent and bloody. So this is definitely the most violent movie we’ve ever made. We look forward to adapting the novel in the most convincing way, ”Joey said.

No Country for Old Men once again brought the audience to the most mysterious land of the United States: the Texas-Mexico border, the land separating the two countries by the river. Rio Grande. To film the scorching hot land between the two countries, the film crew had to make a journey to the dry plains of West Texas and the desert of Mexico, where the Coen brothers once again cooperated. with the cinematographer holding five Roger Deakins Academy nominations.

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