Newtons Flaw – Valerie Tripp ePub PDF download

Newtons Flaw – Valerie Tripp

147 Pages – 2022 – 17.7 MB – 881 Downloads – English

Newtons Flaw - Valerie Tripp ePub PDF

Izzy Newton had a secret, and it was cosmic. Only two other people in the entire universe knew about it—her brothers. They’d known all summer, and they were totally trustworthy, so Izzy was sure that her secret was safe until the day she decided to spring it on the world, which…Izzy grinned. Might be today. Izzy’s friend Marie Curie saw her beaming smile and asked, “What?” “Oh, nothing,” said Izzy, even though she was bursting to tell. A breeze tousled her curls and twisted the strings of her hoodie. She and her friends were on the flat roof of their school building. They had discovered how to get there back in September when they first started sixth grade at Atom Middle School. Now it was October. It was the first sunny day in a week, and the girls had rushed up after lunch to enjoy a few minutes of sunshine before their afternoon classes. Izzy felt on top of the world—or at least the part of it that mattered to her. She sighed, “Isn’t this place The Best?”

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