Never Tell by Selena Montgomery ePub PDF download

Never Tell by Selena Montgomery

303 Pages – 2021 – 3.7 MB – 1147 Downloads – English

Never Tell by Selena Montgomery ePub PDF

She stumbled into the cabin. He shoved hard, and she cried out as her knees crumpled beneath her. The vicious kick to her side slid her across the Aubusson rug. With a sickening thud, her head rapped against the base of the rocking chair. She fell against the corded timbers of the wall. Shivering on the floor, she lay stunned and tearless. In the cold dark of the isolated cabin, where she’d thought to hide until Sebastian came for her, her labored breaths echoed and filled the space with fretful sound. The flames from the fireplace had died down. Occasionally, embers spat out angry sparks. Wood cracked and broke against the hearth. A storm raged in the thick of the forest, wind and rain lashing at the old mission stones. Inside, the air seethed with obsession and mania.

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